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Dell Tower

Today *sucked*. A job that was meant to take two-three hours took *nine* :( I would seriously like to strangle the designers of Dell's old rack-mounting kits. We spent over an hour trying to mount one of the servers into a rack - the attachment to the rack itself was totally bizarre and non-intuative, and the locking mechanism prevented us from just sliding the server in. It proved to be a long, sweaty, frustrating battle. (This is stark contrast to their new rack-mount kits which clip in in three seconds and the servers slot straight into them).

On a somewhat lighter note, the new switchie box (kvm) worked well with the old one, and we had enough power sockets on the upses to cope with all the new machines. Unfortunately I didn't get time to configure powerchute on the machines that needed it or do some of the windows updates that needed doing. But at least the new rack looks very swishy, I'll post a photo when I have time to take one.

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