Thoroughly wasted

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I had a thoroughly suck day. Spent half the day stressing over our servers and their (lack of) backups. We've been fighting a running battle with Dell for the past week to get a working DLT tape drive happening. Complicated by the fact that we can't reboot the server it's attached to during the day because too many people use it and could potentially lose work if we do so.

Then we discovered the joys of LVD vs HVD. I didn't even know those TLAs before today, now I do. A last ditch effort was replacement of the terminator they supplied us with in addition to the new DLT drive, and KH was going to reboot the server tonight. It's been rebooted, but I don't know if it detected the DLT or not. I'll find out tomorrow morning I guess.

Was a big effort to stay awake in Bible Study tonight, I think I nearly fell off my chair a few times.

Time for bed, nite

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