I need a longer weekend dammit!!

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urgh I'm never gonna get to bed. I blinked and this weekend was over.

Spent all day at work yesterday fighting with our file server. It was meant to be a simple matter of installing a scsi card, LTO drive and backup software. It was an all day battle that we never fully resolved.

Then last night it was the EvilHouse Harley Warming which was a lot of fun and went til all hours.

This morning was church, then a couple of hours to take care of the fish tank and do some other bits and pieces before heading off to the parents for a baked dinner, and I've only just gotten home, with a list of things that I needed to do this weekend sitting rather untouched :( And I still haven't had enough sleep. Not looking forward to surviving tomorrow at all.

On a lighter note, it's been raining fairly heavily tonight which is great. It's kinda fun swooshing through huge puddles of rain in the car.

I'm gonna collapse in a minute. Should prolly get into bed before I collapse on something hard instead of soft

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