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Had our first work outing for the year today. As per usual I had the chicken kiev. I have that every time, I really should have something different next time.

Also got spammed with high school reunion emails. Yes if I've gotten the email once, I don't need to get the same email another three times. This reunion even has a website. I'm quite surprised at the number of missing persons - lots of people I would have thought would still be contactable by their friends after all this time. I also saw the name of my best friend in Year 7 - Nicole Vasek, who I haven't talked to since 1986 - it'd be lovely to try and find her again. There's also lots of names I barely recognise, and lots of names that I recognise but can't picture their faces. I'm gonna have to raid mum's photo collection and try and fit names to faces.

I'll prolly go to the reunion.. I think I'll regret it later.. but apparently only half the year is married, so can't be all that bad .. we'll see I guess :/ Even if it's all good, how the heck am I going to catch up with 100 people? Even 50?? Barely be enough time to just say hello to everyone, let alone find out what they've been up to for the past 12 years..

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