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Damn, missed the post .. er rather, I missed getting this post in by midnight, so now it's wednesday - oops! Oh well, time for a This or That Tuesday then, cause I'm too asleep to think of anything else..

1. Morning or night person? Probably a morning person. Although when I'm holidays I go to bed later and later each night. I think maybe my biocycle is 25 hours or something
2. Heavy or light sleeper? Fairly light
3. Remember your dreams or not? Sometimes
4. Do you need a lot of sleep, or just a little? I try to get 8 hours, but during the week it's mostly 6-7 hours
5. Do you need something like a nightlight or TV to sleep, or do you prefer complete darkness? Don't care, dark is good but some window light is also cool
6. Flannel sheets or some other kind? Flannel in winter, cotton in summer
7. One pillow, or more? Just the one
8. Bedroom door opened or closed at night? When I was 11 some irresponsible mother let us watch Friday 13th at a slumber party. I was never quite the same after that, and always kept my bedroom door at home closed at night, because we had a big garage and workshop downstairs and I was paranoid about people hiding somewhere. I feel much more secure in my unit and never bother closing the door
9. Wrap yourself into blankets like a cocoon, or just cover yourself with them? Just cover myself
10. Alarm clock: wake to music or buzzer? Music, a buzzer is too harsh

Well that was kind of appropriate, considering how sleepie I feel. Just gotta finish setting up this server before I go to bed...

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