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Installing Notes 6

We upgraded our Lotus Notes server today.

As much as I hate notes, I really love notes. You can just copy the directory it's in to another server, and it just runs, no questions asked. Yes that's right, you can run the server software after just copying the directory to another machine. How good is that?!

The plan was to move a notes installation to another server, fire it up to make sure it still worked (it did), then upgrade it from R5 to D6.

We locked ourselves out of the old machine though, because we needed to rename it, and doing this meant that domain accounts didn't work, and the administrator password we had also didn't work. We were planning to rebuild it anyway, but it was a bit scary knowing we wouldn't be able to go back to it if it all went pear shaped (at least not without reinstalling windows anyway). But as it turned out, it all went well and we now have a Notes 6 server.

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