Another suck day

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Well actually most of it was ok. I had some fun at work rearranging our rack setup on graph paper with scale cutouts. We should be able to rearrange everything in the racks without too much fussing about.

KH continues to piss me off with his lack of working grey matter though. And PM went and deserted us on his last week with us - "training" - leaving me to try and pick up all his pieces without him. As a consequence I've been putting off all the suck jobs he's left me with. Not any more unfortunately - now my Jim is on my back about it all, will have to look at them tomorrow. crap crap crap.

Getting lots of plants now

On a lighter note, I setup the bits and pieces I got from Daniel and Fiona last night in my fish tank. There's a couple of twisted bits of wood, and some more grassy leafy stuff. I also snipped off the last big amazon sword runner and wrapped it round one of the sticks, and moved the elodia to the other side of the tank where it can be seen. Still having all sorts of problems making the plants stay *planted* - they have this annoying habit of just floating away, and I have all sorts of trouble getting them to stay in the gravel (it doesn't help that I can't actually reach the bottom of my tank with my fingers)


Erica said:

Great tank, what type of fish do you have in it? How many gallons is it? I have four (yes 4) tanks at home so you can say I am little obsessed. Yours is obviously freshwater which I am just getting started doing, the rest of mine are all saltwater. Just always looking for advice and opinions on tanks, thanks!

February 25, 2003 11:14 AM


kazza said:

You can never have too many fish tanks! hehe
A friend of mine has a marine tank, but it's quite a bit of work. This is my first ever tank so I don't want it to become too big a task to maintain otherwise I might lose interest. But I can also see myself getting more tanks in the future :)

February 25, 2003 11:32 PM


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